Overview Shrimp Magicality is a walking simulator with RPG elements. The player assumes the role of “The Professor,” a lecturer from University of Woofington. She is an absent minded brainiac with a case of insomnia due to a major worry in her life. One day, she finds her apartment being bug bombed by chickens. She … Read more

Don’t forget the details!

As we chug along with development of Shrimp Magicality, we’re getting to the part where we’re beginning to wrap up the major gameplay mechanics and level design, and starting to hit up the smaller and finer details that really polish a game and make it feel both ‘alive’ and ‘like a game’. This balance is important … Read more

Happy New Year!

As we launch into 2022 with new hopes (and bated breath), our team at Burgerphones is kicking off the new year right by getting back into the swing of Shrimp Magicality. Last year saw this project go from the planning stages to the production stage very quickly, right off the heels of our very first … Read more